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15 Badass Products For Women Who Are So Over The Unicorn Trend

With unicorn-inspired hair and highlighter (and even hot chocolate!), I rounded up some products for the wearer who is not totally feeling the Lisa Frank-inspired trend for

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Ask The Expert: Negative Space Nail Art Will Be Your Go-To Spring Manicure

I talked to celeb nail artist Debbie Leavitt about what nail trends will be ruling the runway and the red carpet for


How rock ‘n’ roll shoe designer Char Tedrick went from punk band to footwear brand

After finishing her design degree and landing jobs at companies like Hello Kitty and Betsey Johnson, Char Tedrick now has her own shoe brand, and I talked to her about how to make those design dreams a reality for Alt Press.

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15 Matching BFF Tattoos That Are Better Than A Friendship Necklace

I rounded up some of the best designs for besties, proving the BFF tattoo is the next step up from the BFF necklace for

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Trump rolls back access to free birth control: How you can fight back

The Trump administration announced a ruling that allows employers to opt out of providing free birth control if it violates an employer or insurer’s "religious beliefs" or "moral convictions," and I broke down why it matters for Alt Press.

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I drove to Kansas City to get my first-ever tattoo—a stick n' poke in a stranger's kitchen. I wrote about my experience for



For some designers, sustainability is just as important as the styles themselves. I talked to designers and industry professionals about sustainability in a "fast fashion" world for

Amanda Ramirez

This Badass Instagrammer Is Sharing Her Fierce Makeup Skills During Chemo

I talked to Amanda Ramirez, who's fighting chemo by proving that beauty is so much more than skin deep, for


Jewelry Designer OohJacquelina Teaches You How To Run An Etsy Shop Like A 'Girl Boss'

I talked to Jacquelyn Wells about how she went from Etsy seller to having her jewelry in high-end storefronts for

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I talked to Holly Sanchez, founder of Power To The Period Donation Drive, a national effort that works to change the way we think about the needs of the homeless, for Urban Plains.