Dead Fall: Ohio pop punkers on their game-changing EP 'Desperate Situations'

This has been the year for Ohio-based pop punkers Dead Fall. When we sat down to chat, you’d never guess that these humble guys have hit some awesome milestones—they’re simply grateful for it all. But after kicking off 2016 with the release of their EP Desperate Situations, the group is finally starting to feel like they’re gaining some momentum—and they have the proof to back it up.

Their latest release has proven they have found their sound in the genre. Since 2013, they've been slowly figuring it out. Now people are responding, and their successful EP kickoff simply made them realize that they're on the right track.

“That was the biggest like, ‘Oh shit. People are singing these words. They actually know them,’” vocalist Jake Gambatese says of their EP release show. “People were getting on stage, singing along with us. It was pretty cool.”

And as they take the stage at Mahall’s in Cleveland, the guys exude a kind of entrancing energy, all driven by the band's understanding of how to put on a dynamic show. “The more shows we play, I feel like the better we understand how to play live,” Gambatese says.

"FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I FEEL LIKE I HAVE A PURPOSE!" From our EP release at The Grog Shop 1/9/16. 📷: @garlicjunior_

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And the local scene has given them these opportunities to play live; it's one of the few places where any band in the scene would wish to get their start. Based in the college town of Kent, Dead Fall have found a way to thrive in a space that’s as supportive as it is stimulating—a connection to a group of people who are all trying to do the same thing.

In their formative years, the band would take any opportunity thrown their way—it didn’t matter how many shows were in a month, or what genre they were (yes, rap included). But every experience has influenced their sound and the product they’re creating, which may be why they’re not the easiest to nail down.

Nick Barker provides the band’s throbbing beats, with Anthony Lupica and Ryan Task yielding searing guitar riffs, Seth Holt bringing the bass and Gambatese rounding off the effort with rough-around-the-edges vocals. The group finds a way to stray from the cookie-cutter pop punk equation by throwing in post-hardcore breakdowns (“In The Way”) and finding a comfort in slowing down with melodic, acoustic-driven tracks as well (“Deadline”).

Though 2016 may slowly be coming to a close, it's still a promising look ahead for the group. They're hoping for more recording and more rad gigs, with a game-changing opportunity to open for pop punk powerhouses Neck Deep come September. The guys are finally seeing their hard work pay off, and if anything is evident after this year’s success, it’s that Dead Fall has nowhere to go but up.

Want more Dead Fall? Pick up a copy of Desperate Situations here, and check out their social links below.

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