An Introduction To Mocklove And Their New EP, ‘It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home’

Sometimes it takes finding out what you’re not to figure out what you are. That seems to be the case for post-hardcore band Mocklove who, with the release of their new EP, It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home, are ready to give the world a proper introduction to the band they want to be.

It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home is like our, 'Hello, this is Mocklove' sticker,” vocalist Madelyn Munsell explains. “We’re introducing ourselves—in a good way this time.”

Following an indie/alt demo last year, Mocklove realized soon enough that they weren’t going in a sonic direction they wanted to be heading. They were creating music, but they weren't advancing their relationship as a band, creating an image they wanted, and, even more, weren't even a fan of the music they were producing.

Cue a pull to their heavier roots, and they finally found it: the Mocklove they wanted to be.

“The first song we wrote going in this new direction was actually ‘Mnemophobia,’ which we put out last September, and then we wrote a couple more songs and incorporated those into our live sets,” guitarist Nick DeBrodie says. “Then we just thought about what songs we really want people to hear and associate with us.”

“The thing that sold us on this different direction was what we were doing,” guitarist Rand Olson says. “I didn’t really like our old songs. We started writing these new ones and I was like, ‘Woah. This is awesome.’ I’m actually happy with the product we’re coming out with.”

“It’s good to like your own music,” Munsell agrees, laughing.

It only makes sense that they would hone in on this newfound power in their new EP. And that they did.

Channeling influences from the likes of Counterparts and 2005-era Paramore, Munsell’s powerhouse vocals grab you at the start with “Soots.” Instruments bite hard, proving their ever-apparent musical muscle. And it's the goosebump-inducing track “It's A Sacred Privilege” that brings the contemplative aspect of the EP to life.

It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home explores the ideas behind life, death and the transition in between. It’s about the understanding that it’s so easy to take our best moments for granted. And, even more, it’s about the beauty of being there for someone through the hardest of times.

“For me, the idea for the EP title, It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home, really hit me when we first brought that idea up because at the time, I was actually singing in a choir where we were talking about what is it like to be with someone as they take their last breath,” Munsell explains. “What does that feel like, and what does that mean?

“So when Nick brought up It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home, I never realized how special it is to be there with someone as they transition from what they were into what they could be and what they can be and what they will be. It really is special to be with someone in that transition period and help them grow, so that’s what I get from it. And that’s what we’ve been through within the last couple of months.”

“Yeah, and I think it’s acknowledging that there is an end to this and to live in the moment and make the most of what you have and what’s going on,” Olson says.

“Even if it’s total shit,” Munsell says in agreement.

“Yes, like our first show,” DeBrodie laughs.

Since their 2016 start, they’ve solidified their sound. They’ve found their emotional connection through their powerful live performances. And, most importantly, they became friends.

The band laugh about their first show and cringe at their first demo, but when asked what changed the most from their start, they agree that they finally understand each other and the importance of cultivating their relationship through it all.

“Honestly, we became friends with each other,” Munsell says. “When we first started, we knew each other, but we weren’t nearly as close as we are now. Getting closer has given us the opportunity to become more intimate with our music, and it helps create a more cohesive product. We’ve become so much closer and we are more honest with ourselves.”

With summer tours and a brand new music video in the works, Mocklove have the music to take them where they want to go.

And if anything is clear, It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home is just the beginning.

“We’re going to sink our teeth into this EP, and we’re going to ride it out as far as we can,” DeBrodie says. “But I certainly don’t think this is our cap. With this EP, it’s just a great start to whatever lies ahead.”

Want more from Mocklove? Pick up a copy of It’s A Sacred Privilege To Walk Someone Home here, and check out their track listing and album artwork below.

Track listing:
1. Soots
2. Mnemophobia
3. It’s A Sacred Privilege...
4. MVMTs
5. ...To Walk Someone Home



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