Postcards and Bruise announce West Coast tour

 [Photo credit: Shannon Shoemaker/Bruise]

[Photo credit: Shannon Shoemaker/Bruise]

Postcards and Bruise are heading out West on tour this November. A full list of dates and locations are available below.

I caught up with Christian Nichols of Bruise and Aidan Grapengeter of Postcards to fill you in on what they’ve been up to in 2016 and what they’re most looking forward to on tour.

Tour Dates:
November 10 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
November 11 - Colorado Springs, CO @ TBA
November 12 - Albuquerque, NM @ TBA
November 14 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Borough 
November 16 - Portland, OR @ The Tardis Room
November 17 - Chico, CA @ Eaden Ballroom
November 18 - San Francisco, CA @ TBA
November 19 - Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
November 20 - Las Vegas, NV @ Mongo Push Audio
November 21 - Phoenix, AZ @ 51 West Venue
November 22 - El Paso, TX @ TBA
November 23 - San Antonio, TX @ Alamo Ice House
November 25 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Earth Rebirth
November 26 - Hutchinson, KS @ The Dive

Aidan Grapengeter, guitar/vocals, Postcards:

MD: You released a new album, My Departure, in June. How’s the response been so far? And how does it feel having another release under your belt?
AG: The response has been great! The shows here in Denver have been tons of fun. It’s totally wild to me that My Departure is our 7th release. I'm really proud of it. Its our first full length too, so that's exciting all on its own.

MD: How excited are you to tour with Bruise?
AG: Super excited!

MD: What’s one song people should check out to get to know Postcards better?
AG: My personal favorites are never everyone else's favorites. But off our new record, "Finding Common Ground" seems to be getting the most hype, and I feel like it would give a potential listener a good grasp on our sound as well.

Christian Nichols, guitar/vocals, Bruise:

MD: It looks like you’ve spent much of your year on the road, and you released Mary, Your Son Has Left Me this past summer. By the looks of it, you’ve had a pretty rad 2016 so far. How’s it been for you guys?
CN: We've spent quite a bit of time on the road so far this year and plan to keep up the momentum. It has been such a good time. The general consensus is that we really felt like we found ourselves while being out on the road. It's the best to be able to play in new places and to see so many good bands and meet such incredible people. A lot of times you hear about how tough the road is. And it is. But the pros usually outweigh any cons.

MD: How excited are you to tour with Postcards?
 We are beyond stoked to go out with Postcards. Those dudes are incredibly solid and I'm stoked we get to watch them every night for a couple of weeks.

MD: What’s one song people should check out to get to know Bruise?
 I feel that "Dead at 22" would be a proper introduction. It's a pretty transparent song in the sense that it's about a struggle all of the Bruise members deal with on a daily basis. And it was the song that really kickstarted the writing process for Mary, Your Son Has Left Me. I'd like anyone who spins our jams to have an open, honest introduction to Bruise.

Want to hear more? Find Bruise and Postcards on Bandcamp, and check out their social links below.

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